What is the difference between summer training & summer internship?

There is a lot of confusion among students regarding summer training and summer internship. Some of very frequently asking questions are :

  • what is the difference between summer training & summer internship?
  • Which one should I do?
  • Which one has more value in jobs etc.

So, Let me explain what are summer training and summer internship along with the values each of them give to anyone.

In short Summer training is all about learning new skills in industrial environment (company) and on the other hand summer internship is all about having a short term postion in comapny where you can apply the knowledge and skills you already have in live projects. Internship gives you the opportunity to learn the extremely important both technical and non-technical skills like team work, leadership, etc.

On the path of building IT career, summer training & summer internship both are important. The aim of summer training & summer internship is the same but they work in a little different way from each other.

Summer training

  • Summer training or industrial training is all about learning new skills, being updated with the world, making use of your theoretical knowledge in practical so you can be ready for your future.
  • Certification of summer training is valuable for any job interview.
  • To check your knowledge gained from training you’ll be given a project at the end of the training which can be a random project or a new one.
  • Summer training or industrial training adds a score to your degree mark sheet.
  • Summer training improves your old skills, add new skills.
  • Summer training makes you skilled which you will use in industries in the future.

Summer internship

  • A summer internship is an opportunity to experience the job before you actually get the job. In summer internship we learn about corporate life, taking new challenges, handling clients, work on real-life projects, building network.
  • Certification of a summer internship is a strong key to getting a good job.
  • In summer internship you work on live projects given by clients.
  • Summer internship adds experience to your resume.
  • Summer internship adds experience with your skills.
  • Summer internship makes you industry ready. Sometimes you can get hired by the same organization from where you getting the internship.